Disposable Sleeves

PLX Industries' Cleanroom disposable sleeves provide a unique, low cost solution to keeping dirt out of your workplace, office or home. Easy-to-use, long lasting and cost effective, our disposable sleeves are the ideal first line of defense against unwanted dirt and contamination. cleanroom sleeves

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Disposable sleeves will help fight contamination

Worried about dust or dirt contamination in clean areas like labs, server rooms, cleanrooms, food processing and more? Then disposable sleeves are the solution you are looking for. Our disposable sleeves are available in a variety of materials and sizes that are suited for a number of applications. All of our gloves keep dirt at bay while others help protect workers from non-toxic liquids, and even get anti-static sleeves. Click here for different styles available.

Shirt sleeves and arm hair can trap dust or dirt and transport it from one area to another or potentially drop it in machines when being worked on. A small expense on sleeves can be worth every penny, when you consider the future costs.

Cost Effective and Easy to Order!

Disposable sleeves will reduce cleaning time and costs when it comes maintaining a clean room or dust free area. On top of that it will keep machines and equipment cleaner as regular maintenace is performed, while limiting the chances of dust ruining product or machinery. When compared to machinery maintenance, cleaning costs, and time the low price of sleeves are more than reasonable. Ordering cleanroom sleeves can be done online or over the phone. Start shopping today.

Saves and Protects.

Protect your product by making sure the production process is clean. Disposable sleeves are a must have for any worker on the production line that handles your product whether it's food or an item. By using disposable sleeves you can rest easy knowing you are keeping product dust or dirt free. No matter the requirement we have a cleanroom sleeve that meets your requirements.

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